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Alfamatch is an invite only business matching platform for high level
professionals that share common goals and interests.

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Alfamatch will pre-select the best possible matches. You just need to choose which suits you best.

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All you need for real high quality worldwide networking

Whether you’re building your next company, or you're fundraising for your next venture you need the best people in the business.

Intelligent Matching

Get up to 20 new relevant connections per day. Alfamatch will search using a series machine learning algorithms based on several criterias finding the best possible matches.

Quality People

The most important factor is quality of people joining, that's why Alfamatch is pure invite only. If a user doesn't get enough swipe rights, they will go down the rank. Natural selection.

Informed Swipes

The user profile cards on Alfamatch are detailed enough to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision whether the profile is relevant enough for your goals.

Clear Roles

Each profile on Alfamatch has a defined role: Professional, Entrepreneur, Investor, Celebrity and HNW (High Net Worth Individual). Each role has a different type of card and can match easily with other type of profiles depending on your goals.

Powerful Search

On Alfamatch you can search by any possible criteria: First name, last name, city, country, role, company, goals, interests and more.

Safe and Secure

Alfamatch does not disclose any confidential information allowing you to interact safely on the platform. Your data is encrypted on the database.